Forty-two Dazzling Dahlias

“Can these different looking flowers all be dahlias?” you might ask and Elizabeth Chambers created this FotoMagico slideshow to answer that question. (Check out the description on YouTube for more info on the dahlias shown and some general info about dahlia).

FotoMagico was Elizabeths tool of choice, because she was able to move slides around easily until they were sequenced in the order she wanted and give each slide an individual duration. The music snippets took the headache out of finding and using music that wouldn't present copyright problems. “Snippets allowed me to keep visual interest by periodically putting together slides with two and three photos at a time”, says Elizabeth.

Music Credits: “As I Figure” by Kevin MacLeod

mimoLive 4.0b3: Multi-endpoint Streaming, New Output Management, Multiview, Facebook and YouTube Comments

Time for the next big release of mimoLive! For version 4, we're overhauling the way output destinations are defined and managed. You can now have multiple outputs of the same kind, for example, multi-endpoint streaming to YouTube and Twitch at the same time. Or set up separate audio mixes for the mimoLive operator to monitor the show and for the show host that contains all the audio except the show host’s microphone for mimoCall.

Audience interaction is now easier than ever with a clever new interface for monitoring comments on Facebook and YouTube. If you see a comment you like or like to answer, a simple click brings it up in your live stream.

mimoLive 4 also features a configurable multi-view both inside a new column in the main window as well as in a separate window for use on an external screen. You can click on the multi-view to control the switcher layer.

The new Auto Switcher layer switches up to 9 sources randomly or in sequence, with a fixed or random interval.

To enable this, the user interface has received a revamp, with more flexibility to resize the columns to your liking and a more consistent color scheme.

For the full list of changes, please see the release notes for mimoLive 4.0b3.

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mimoLive 3.2: Manage Multiple Accounts

Happy New Year! This is the first release in 2018 and big things are coming.

Right off the bat, we are updating the way mimoLive handles streaming and social media accounts. It's now possible to set up multiple accounts of the same type and switch between them for the various features without having to sign out and in again all the time.

NOTE: Log out of Facebook and log in again the first time you use this release to update the login data. If you're using a layer that uses social media such as the Twitter layer or the Facebook Likes, you need to select the account you want to use.

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