mimoLive for Broadcasters

Chris McHugh has years of experience working in traditional broadcasting. He talks about how dozens of crew and millions worth of equipment now make way for a professional video production that can be performed by one person with one computer. “mimoLive is the only cost effective software that gives me the ability to replace a video switcher, character generator, audio board, VTRs, monitors, DVE devices and still stores,” Chris says. In this video, he shows you how you can easily transition your entire live video production workflow over to mimoLive.

PhotoPresenter for iOS adds NDI® Playout

Imagine, for example, you are a biologist at a Marine Aquarium. You’re giving a presentation on the animals in your fish tank to your visitors on site and over a live stream on the internet using photos on a big screen to give the audience a closer look. The fish don’t follow a script and you have to pick your photos as the fish swim into sight. We created PhotoPresenter for iOS for just such a use case. You can browse your photo library invisible to the audience, pick the right photo and bring it on to your presentation screen seamlessly. You can use tools such as a spotlight or a pointer to highlight certain features of the fish. In the latest version of PhotoPresenter for iOS, we’ve added NDI® playout so that you can easily display the output not only to your presentation screen but also send it over the (Wifi) network into your live stream production system using mimoLive or other production systems that support NDI® input.

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mimoLive 4.1: NDI® PTZ Control, Better Sources Management, Web Browser Capture Source

mimoLive 4.1 is now available for download. The top new features are:

  • You can now control NDI PTZ Cameras directly in the Multiview. Overlays allow you to directly control pan, tilt and zoom as well as set and recall stored positions.
  • Sources in the Source Repository are now sorted into folders and can be reordered for a better overview.
  • A Web Browser capture source with transparency support makes it easy to bring web content such as game widgets, chat rooms or HTML/JavaScript/CSS based broadcast graphics into your production.
  • If your audio interface supports multiple channels, you can now select which channels are used for playout in the Audio Output destinations.

In addition to that, we've also improved the handling of NDI Sources and fixed a lot of issues.

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For the full list of new features, enhancements and fixes, please see the release notes.

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