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New Animation Workshops in New Zealand

If you are a teacher in the New Zealand area do not miss the opportunity to join one of the iPad Animation workshops by Craig Lauridsen. Craig has been teaching stop motion for 10 years. He has overseen hundreds of stop motion animations made by children age 8 to 16 years.

The iPad Animation workshop focus on:

  • Digital technologies - breaking big tasks into smaller tasks and applying appropriate digital tools
  • Storytelling - helping children to tell their stories using stop motion animation
  • Technology - turning the iPad into a creative studio
  • 100% hands on creativity - not web surfing.

The dates for May and June are now available for booking on the website - don't miss the Early Bird Pricing.

mimoLive Reporter Launch Replay

Thank you everybody for joining Oliver for the mimoLive Reporter Launch! Here is the cleaned up replay of the live launch event.

mimoLive Reporter is the essential live streaming app you need when “it’s happening”. Add station graphics, lower thirds, b-roll and more to your show and stream it live to YouTube, Twitch.tv or any other RTMP based service. mimoLive Reporter provides a ReplayKit Broadcasting extension, allowing you to stream your game play live. mimoLive Reporter is also the default client for mimoCall, a feature of the mimoLive live video production system for Mac, which lets you connect instantly from anywhere into a live show produced with mimoLive.

Learn more about mimoLive Reporter...

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mimoLive 2.9: Facebook "Spherical Video" Live Streaming

mimoLive now has support for Facebook’s 360° live streaming format, aka “spherical video”.

Watch the quick demo Oliver put together on some of the features.

Also, take a tour around Leoben with Oliver and Achim. The live stream was produced with a Theta S camera mounted to the top of Oliver's car with Achim's 3D printed Theta S tripod mount, connected via USB to a MacBook Pro running mimoLive. The connection to the Internet was established via an iPhone's personal hotspot and LTE. Take a special note of the Google maps projection at the bottom of the stream that gives the location in real time and the Facebook Likes layer which displays the reactions to the live stream.

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How to Start An Elementary News Broadcast for $300 Or LESS

Elementary iPad Lab teacher Katie Chirhart (@HartEdTech) evaluates several ways to create a news cast for the elementary school and concludes that she likes mimoLive best: "While [mimoLive] sounds overwhelming, my third graders are able to complete this job with little or no help—the hardest part for them is remembering to capitalize names when they type them in!"

Katie also produced a nice tutorial on how to use mimoLive for your news broadcast.

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