NDI promises to usher in a new era in video production by taking the video signal to IP making it easier than ever to connect video sources over Ethernet, eliminating the need for special SDI or HDMI wires and capture devices. It is perfect for mimoLive, allowing you to add more cameras and other interesting video sources at low cost. See below for all the various ways to use mimoLive and NDI.

Boinx Apps With NDI



mimoLive is the live video production power house for your Mac. Spice up your production with multiple cameras and video sources, add some great graphics, play out to SDI, NDI, disk, external video or stream live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and many more.



Let the presenter choose photos and videos from their iPad and show them on the live stream or on a big screen via NDI and mimoLive, including a laser pointer or the Mouseposé effect to highlight parts of the photo.

mimoLive Reporter

mimoLive Reporter

Turn your iPhone or iPad into an intelligent wireless camera that can overlay text, lower thirds, play b-roll, stream it to YouTube and other RTMP destinations, and send it to mimoLive via mimoCall and, soon, NDI.

Using mimoLive in Your NDI Workflow

Twitter and More for NDI® Workflows With TriCaster

mimoLive integrates well with any NDI based workflows like the NewTek TriCaster because it can play out video via NDI with alpha channel, transporting all the transparencies needed to use it as a very sophisticated and versatile graphic generator. In addition to basics such as b-roll, lower thirds and station logos, this allows you to integrate social media such as Twitter, Instagram photos, Facebook and YouTube comments, complex graphics such as stock charts, weather maps, sports scoring and more.

Video Call-in With mimoCall

mimoCall is the easy to use, best value solution for remotely hosting experts in your broadcast. At the correspondents end all that's needed is a computer with a chrome browser, a webcam and a headset. They only need to click on a URL you send them and they are instantly connected to your studio. You can also use the Chrome browser on Android devices and the "mimoLive Reporter" app on iOS to connect via LTE to your production.

Turn Any Camera Into an NDI Camera

mimoLive could be a cost effective solution to turn your webcam, SDI camera, DSLR camera, HDMI camera, iOS device and more into a NDI camera. Even if you don't apply one of the many filters such as face tracking, color correction or the chroma keyer, simply adding another video source to your NDI workflow ads value.

NDI® Central

NDI Central is the authoritative news resource centered around NDI technology and products. Powered by TVTechnology and Creative Planet Network, NDI Central keeps you up to date on recent developments in taking your studio to an IP based workflow.

More about NDI

NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks. NDI allows video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit, and receive multiple streams of broadcast-quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time.

NAB 2018

Oliver sits down with Rex Olson of NewTek, Inc. to talk about mimoLive and NDI integration for NDI Central at NAB 2018. mimoLive is perfect for providing customised graphics and social media integration for your NDI workflow with NewTek TriCaster.

Using NDI With mimoLive


PhotoPresenter for iOS, the app for show and tell style, non-linear photo presentations, is now updated with NDI® playout to enable easy integration into live video production workflows based on mimoLive for the Mac or other NDI® capable video production systems such as the NewTek TriCaster.

Remote Screen Capture

Capture a remote PC or Mac screen into mimoLive with the vMix Desktop Capture app via NDI. Very handy for screen casts, software demos, training videos, and for getting PowerPoint or Keynote presentations into your broadcast or live stream. This significantly simplifies cabling requirements.

Renderless Playout From Premiere

Giving you a taste of what’s possible with NDI, the NewTek “NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud” plugin allows you to play out video directly from Premiere into the live video stream. Go very fast from edit to playout without waiting for the rendering!

Add Wireless Cameras

One of the key benefits of NDI is that it allows you to add new cameras at relatively low cost. For example, you can simply use your iPad or iPhone (or Android device) as a wireless camera with the NewTek NDI Camera app. This gives you a mobile hand camera for example to showcase your product close up in a product launch demo.

Web Content in Your Show

Use the WebNDI app by Sienna to browse the web on your iPad and seamlessly integrate the content in your mimoLive show via wireless network and NDI. Very useful if you want to discuss web pages in your live stream or to bring in user generated content. Video like YouTube or Vimeo is not supported for technical reasons.

NewTek NDI|HX PTZ Camera

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras are great for live video production because you don't need an extra camera operator for an extra view. The NewTek NDI|HX camera is powered over ethernet, so that you can use it with only one cable. And it works great with mimoLive.

NewTek Connect Spark

Easily convert an HDMI or SDI video source to NDI and connect to mimoLive via Ethernet or Wifi. This great device allows you, for example, to grab the video from a presenter computer and use it in mimoLive as shown in this video.

NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.